Our history

EXPORIA has its origins in the Greek words Exago, Emporio and Epitixia, meaning respectively: export trade and success. We want to be a structuring partner for your business development through the business values of Initiative, Performance and Humility.

EXPORIA has more than 15 years of commercial and marketing experience in distribution, retail and travel-retail, in a variety of fields, from service to agri-food to cosmetics.

On a human scale, Exporia is aimed at all companies that wish to expand their export and strengthen their presence in an area or a commercial channel. Thanks to our expertise and our responsiveness we will save you time, control your costs and increase your profitability.

our values

Our values are important because they help us grow and grow. They help us create the business future of the company and your projects. Evolving in a complex, competitive and international world, the consideration and integration of your values and those of your customers contribute to the success and overall performance of our missions.

Thus, our approach is based on long-term support of your export development, respecting our values of humility, initiative and performance. For this we offer a personalized service, to be as close to your needs. These offers reflect our values and business beliefs. These offers have a specific goal: to meet your needs

Commercial Valeurs Piliers


Take your hand, be bold, the business initiative allows you to discover new horizons and access new resources.

Like the great explorers who opened new trade routes, we believe in the virtues of initiative in our working philosophy.

Initiative is essential when the environment does not allow us to predict everything. At EXPORIA, the spirit of initiative is exercised in the context of our usual tasks. This means an open posture, attention to the environment and the ability to anticipate to predict risks and perceive opportunities for efficiency. More importantly, it is achieved through affirmative action.


Business performance is not only reduced to KPI’s indicators, it is also a mindset that EXPORIA puts at the service of its customers.

Performance creates value. It mobilizes energy and participates in the development of the company, guaranteeing the sustainability of the company. The effectiveness and achievement of our goals are EXPORIA’s commitments with you. This involves entrepreneurship, adaptability, the spirit of conquest and mastery of competitive parameters

We strongly believe in the entire value chain that generates performance and creates business opportunities.


At EXPORIA, we see humility as an indispensable business asset to understanding our customers and the multicultural world around us.

Humility helps companies build a logic and culture that encourages self-awareness. You need to be open to strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Humility is important for business both internally and in customer relations. It is inclusive, it allows us to remain agile and honest.

You are at the heart of our problem and we advocate humility as a guarantee of the success of our collaboration.

Why Exporia

What for?

On a human scale, Exporia is aimed at all companies that wish to expand their export or strengthen their presence in a commercial area. Thanks to our expertise and our responsiveness we allow you to save time, control your costs and increase your profitability. With EXPORIA you will be able to master the different parameters of your export and commercial development: Time, costs, ROI.


We base our collaboration on three values: Initiative, Performance and Humility. To do this, we set your customers’ priorities and expectations at the centre of our projects. The correct definition of our missions will allow you to have a real-time view of the work done and the files in progress. In addition, you have the flexibility to mandate us for one-off or longer-term projects. So you have control over your budget and your development

What perimeter?

At EXPORIA, we have knowledge of the main export markets. We went to discover Europe, North America, the Emirates and major Asian markets. Listening to cultures and traditions we have the ability to identify consumer expectations and easily understand local specificities. Our local partners and distributors support us for greater efficiency.

What is the cost of a mission?

EXPORIA will offer you missions in line with your needs and resources. From one week to several months we will define together the framework of our collaboration to provide you with the answers most suited to your needs.

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