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The advantage of trade shows lies in the richness of the offer, the presence of competitors, suppliers and customers. The presence of your company at these events will allow you to have access to direct and qualified contacts while acting on the reputation of your company. You want to participate in a trade show but you lack the experience or time to carry out this mission, EXPORIA puts you in the best possible way to optimize your commercial event

In order to optimize your presence at a trade show you need to set goals: Meet your existing customers, prospect new customers, gain visibility etc… to become more efficient. As a result, your stand becomes a true ephemeral showcase of your brand and a formidable marketing tool. Coupled with effective communication, it’s a vehicle for traffic and new business leads for your business. To make your stand impactful and profitable, EXPORIA offers you to establish your action plan before, during and after your show.

By offloading your logistics, we will accompany you for the preparatory phases, the animations and the exploitation of your commercial time. : methodology, making appointments, following your post-salon contacts, and thus increasing your ROI. By setting your specific and measurable goals for attending a trade show, we’ll help you optimize all the parameters

In addition, if you can’t travel or need to be represented by someone you trust, we can support you on this mission and maximize the return on investment of your event.


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There are many means of communication. They depend on your activities and goals. These documents support your business strategy and impact your ROI. They must be developed with specific objectives and at controlled costs. These tools allow you to prospect, retain and inform your customers. As a result, the content strategy and media will differ depending on the objectives and the target. The country, the distribution channel or the means at our disposal we will define the communication media to be preferred

Among the supports that help to develop sales, we can accompany you to create a commercial brochure, a website, your LinkedIn account or a newsletter. Whether in print or digital form, your sales materials must be consistent with your value proposition. They will need to clearly present your concepts, your products, your values, your key indicators, or anything that allows you to differentiate yourself. These supports should help you convert a prospect into a customer, build customer loyalty and make your customers prescribers.

Obviously the graphic unit, the recurrence of key messages and the relevance of the actions to be put in place will enhance the effectiveness of your communications.

Thanks to qualified, high-performing and creative partners, EXPORIA offers digital and print solutions to support your business growth. These marketing tools are now essential to increase your international visibility and support your development actions.

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