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Understanding a customer’s needs is the key to success in all sales. In this process, EXPORIA must be able to understand and analyze your needs to define together the stakes of your distribution: BtoC, BtoB see BtoBtoC.

The analysis of your needs therefore includes determining the expectations of your customers and those needs for products or services. More concretely, the analysis of your customers’ needs allows you to develop a product offering, estimate development costs and thus define the overall offer that corresponds to consumer expectations. To understand you we need to define your needs in order to provide you with an appropriate and reliable response.

EXPORIA’s mission is to provide operational solutions to your needs: to analyze and develop new markets, to look for new distributors, to negotiate and to accompany you in your business follow-up. So we want to be a structuring partner for your business development.

Studying an export market

You have an opportunity to go to a foreign market. But you don’t know if your company can handle this development?

Your market is identified but you would like more information before committing resources and time to this new stage of business development. You also want to have a clearer idea of the cost and the financing you can claim.

Every project is carried out in a complex environment, and the environment of each project is different

  • The cultural and social environment
  • The international and political environment;
  • physical environment

Prospecting for export

A potential for exporting your products has been identified.

However, you don’t have the resources, time or contacts. You need to explore the distribution channels through which you want to distribute your products and finalize your first contracts.

Thanks to our contacts and targeted prospecting, we deploy our resources to identify distributors and partners suitable for your company’s growth in order to convert this prospecting into turnover.

Get you represented

You are interested in participating in a trade show to increase your visibility, meet new business partners or simply study the competition and trends of your market.

You have to set up your booth and ensure all the logistics related to this event. We can represent you, accompany you and offload the logistics part.


An export department is already in place and you cannot respond satisfactorily to your incoming requests, you can outsource part of your offer by sending us to a commercial perimeter.

We will be your trusted partner for the development of your network.

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