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Prospection Distritbution

Prospecting and searching for a distributor

As part of the development of a new sales channel, the sales process begins with the acquisition of new customers. Finding new customers is an essential and essential job for the financial health of any company in order to ensure its sustainability.

The goal of finding new customers or business partners to develop its client portfolio must follow a business prospecting plan. By entrusting this mission to EXPORIA we will put in place a structured plan that will answer the following questions:

  • What are the objectives (Market, distribution channel, turnover),
  • What are the defined targets (see market study)
  • What are the means at the company’s disposal
  • What prospecting channels (Social selling, call, emailing)

Depending on the strategy in place, EXPORIA canvasses, contacts and makes appointments on your behalf. We have several qualified databases that allow us quick approaches to meet your needs. We identify potential partners and contact them under the name of your entity.

In order to ensure a comprehensive prospecting plan, EXPORIA will provide you with the base of prospected contacts and will provide reporting of the activity to improve its effectiveness and measure its performance.

Through its network and prospecting techniques EXPORIA will open doors to new prospects in order to create new business opportunities. We take from your customers and your future customers.

Accompagnement Export

Field accompaniment

EXPORIA accompanies you on the field either with your team or on your behalf:

  • We accompany you for prospecting appointments, we support the sale and we allow you to be focused on the commercial part. We can also accompany the management of the company or a non-commercial department to allow them to meet their customers and thus understand the market on the ground. These joint visits should allow you to meet your partners and optimize your travel costs. You are focused on your mission: Selling
  • We represent you directly on the ground. You are commissioning us for a specific market visit with pre-defined objectives. We provide market visits to report on the state of your distribution in a country. This ranges from visiting the points of sale, to merchandising recommendations. We can also enforce your trade-marketing plan. We will be able to optimize the results of your export presence.

At the end of these field accompaniments, we carry out a summary of our market visit according to the criteria of analyses previously defined. It is important to analyze these indicators once the fieldwork has been done. Our role will be to detect opportunities and focus improvements and thus enrich your qualified information database for competitive intelligence.

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