Market research

EXPORIA helps you identify potential partners in your business development. Your market is your customers first, so understand them. By understanding your expectations, we will be able to target your customers in a relevant way and properly position your product or service offering in its market. Therefore, you will offer a market-friendly and clear offer for the consumer.

To do this, EXPORIA will conduct surveys with your customers, study competition and analyze your place in the market. But you also need to know the offer of the competition and its best practices. Mastering its competitive inebriment allows you to better position your offer, target its customers and define a product promise for the consumer.

This competitive intelligence and knowledge of your environment should allow you to be aware of market trends, identify opportunities and threats to your development. It will also help you better understand trends and changes in consumer attitudes. These parameters taken into account, you will be able to strengthen your differentiation points in order to reaffirm your customer promise.

Finally, this market study will allow you to identify the risks and the necessary steps to take to comply with the constraints of the defined commercial area. These studies will also allow you to define the cost of future development in targeted markets.

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Strategic recommandations

Based on its market research EXPORIA offers these clients a strategic approach. We offer actions and means to put in place or positioning to adopt to achieve your own goals. EXPORIA recommends an action plan for your company’s export development. This means in practice that the drafting of our strategic recommendation will be an ambitious and effective response to your needs and those of your clients: From drafting the specifications, to the omni-channel reflection, through a business plan forecasting, we accompany you in this process of strategic and commercial development.

In general, internationalization is now the order of the day. Whether it’s products and services that exist in the marketplace, suppliers, intermediaries and customers. Exporia offers you the opportunity to use the potential that this internationalization represents. We will take into account your structural and financial constraints in setting our strategic recommendation.

EXPORIA will present the benefits of international development in terms of risk distribution, economies of scale, apprehension of seasonality and, above all, diversification of incomes to support your growth.

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